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Orbital welding is gaining importance in modern production

Orbital welding is a fully mechanical protective gas welding process where electrodes – including the arc – are passed 360 degrees around tubular workpieces. The advantages of this are obvious: high process reliability and reproducibility, short production times, consistently high weld seam quality, easy handling of the process and comprehensive documentation.


STW Nördlingen: ORBIMAT 180 SW schweißt Edelstahl-Ventilknoten für Getränkeindustrie

STW Nördlingen gehört zu den wenigen europäischen Herstellern modernster Technik für die Getränkeindustrie. Speziell mit Komponenten rund um Edelstahl-Verrohrungen ist der Mittelständler Weltspitze. Tausende Schweißnähte pro Ventilknoten werden wirtschaftlich wie zuverlässig mit der Orbitaltechnik aus dem Hause Orbitalum realisiert. Dabei kommt jetzt die neue Industrie 4.0-taugliche Stromquelle 180 SW zum Einsatz.


Considerably higher quality with drastically shortened welding times and greatly reduced waste

Using HX-series orbital weld heads from Orbitalum, you can join pipe elbows to small stainless-steel pipes (for example in heat exchanger construction) with a high level of efficiency and reliability. Orbitalum is now expanding this series to include the HX 12P, which is specially designed for very compact fin heat exchangers using pipe diameters from 9.5 to 13.3 mm.


World premiere: Intelligent welding power supply ORBIMAT 180 SW

The new ORBIMAT 180 SW, with its Industry 4.0 technology, promises more quality, safety and flexibility for orbital welding. This intelligent power supply is the first to allow digital networking of man and machine. The orbital welding process thus connects with state-of-the-art information and communication technology, and makes for the best welding results, high efficiency and sustainable quality management.


HX 22P: Welding stainless-steel pipe elbows at the push of a button

Pneumatic clamping – patent for 6-fold higher productivity
Enormous savings, high sustainability

Even with the very first generation of the orbital weld head HX 16, Orbitalum Tools GmbH from Singen in Germany revolutionized the welding of pipe elbows in fin heat exchangers: "HX" stands for heat exchanger. Now the company has perfected its worldwide unique weld head even further and has extended it into a series: At the push of a button the HX 16P and HX 22P clamp themselves on the pipe by means of a patented pneumatic clamping mechanism.


Mitarbeiterjubiläen bei Orbitalum Tools in Singen

Bei Orbitalum Tools in Singen konnten in den vergangenen drei Jahren insgesamt neun Mitarbeiter Ihr Jubiläum feiern. Seit bereits 25 Jahren gehören die folgenden Jubilare dem heute 100-köpfigen Mitarbeiterstamm an: Martin Föhrenbach, Andreas Frank, Alexandra Grimm, Jürgen Klink, Beate Kuhn, Luciano Maiolo, Antonia Maurer, Gerd Riegraf und Frank Seyfferth. Als Zeichen der Wertschätzung erhielten die Jubilare bereits zu ihrem jeweiligen Jubeltag Urkunden und Präsente.


E.H. Wachs all new DynaPrep® MDSF split frame redefines the category of cold cutting machine tools for pipe and vessels

E.H. Wachs introduces the next major advance in pipe cutting and beveling split frame machine tools, the DynaPrep Modular Design Split Frame, or MDSF. Wachs DynaPrep® MDSF is designed for cutting, beveling, facing, counterboring and flange facing pipes and vessels for popular nominal pipe sizes ranging from 2” to 60” O.D. (DN50-1500). Highly portable, it’s strong and powerful enough to form tool up to 2.5 inch (63.5 mm) heavy wall pipe without reverting to cumbersome all steel construction.


ORBmax: Residual oxygen under control

Patent applied for – ORBmax for increased efficiency and quality


With Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)-welding, oxygen as a protective and forming gas atmosphere is generally undesirable, as it is detrimental to the welded joint. With the new ORBmax residual oxygen meter, the market leader for orbital welding technology, Orbitalum Tools GmbH of Singen, Germany, sets a milestone for fast, exact detection of residual oxygen, and with it complete documentation of these parameters. At the same time, the new measuring method results in greater efficiency and higher quality.


Cutting and beveling pipes: Wachs and Orbitalum are ideal partners

Powerful assistance for manufacturing, repair and maintenance


Innovative, high-quality, durable, portable, versatile and user-friendly. E.H. Wachs in Illinois established itself in many industries with these traits and the advantages of its pipe-processing machines for cutting and beveling: In oil and gas exploration on land and at sea, pipeline and ship construction etc. in the preproduction, maintenance, repair and dismantling of installations.


Squaring on pipes and fittings: RPG XS – a pocket-sized flyweight

Orbitalum Tools GmbH, in Singen, is a global leader of machines, installations and systems for the field of pipe cutting, beveling and squaring, as well as orbital welding. Two new pipe squaring devices – RPG XS Cordless and RPG 4.5 S – complete the range of the RPG series. They represent ease of use and particularly economical clamping...


Innovation: The highest level of boiler pipe processing

World market leader, Orbitalum Tools GmbH, in Singen has expanded its range for pipe cutting, beveling/squaring and orbital welding with its new boiler-pipe processing machine "BRB 2 Full Auto". The pneumatically-operated machine is the perfect addition to Orbitalum's WIG pipe-in-sheet weld heads. These products work together perfectly. It is also particularly economical and ensures the highest levels of precision and quality when shortening and welding thousands of pipes on heat exchangers...


Two market leaders, one division: Orbitalum and Wachs form "ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding" umbrella brand

For many years now the market shares of Orbitalum Tools GmbH in Singen, Germany, and E.H. Wachs in Lincolnshire, USA, have grown disproportionally. Both companies are part of the ITW corporate group (Illinois Tool Works Inc.) with headquarters in Chicago. The decision to bundle the activities of Orbitalum and E.H. Wachs under the umbrella name "ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding" has resulted in an even more efficient partner for industry on both sides of the Atlantic...


It doesn't get any smaller or more effective than this: The HX 16 Orbital Weld Head for compact cooling systems sets new standards

It's all in the name of the new orbital weld head from Orbitalum Tools GmbH in Singen, Germany: HX 16. HX stands for heat exchanger and for the welding of pre-mounted elbows in tight pipe bundles of heat exchangers into a pipe coil. At present, there is no other solution as effective as this one in the world.


Compact Power Supply ORBIMAT®: Operator guidance with tactile top-class navigation

Easier to handle, more economical, more effective – TIG orbital electrode holders and welding heads with outstanding characteristics.


The new GFX 3.0

a light-weight, easy-to-operate, powerful, and compact pipe cutting and beveling machine.


GF 6: The pipe cutting machine for precise cutting in a matter of seconds

The basic requirements for the more productive and high quality welding of pipes with th eautomated Orbital joining technology are the precise, burr-free right-angle cut as well as the perfect beveling of pipe ends.


OP 46 | 51 | 102: Tube-to-tube oribtal welding heads for TIG welding procedures

OP 51 and OP 102 also with electronic arc voltage control (AVC) and oscillation (OSC) !


HX 16 - Orbital welding heads for TIG welding procedures

Ideal for applications with the smallest space availability !


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