HX 12P: Considerably higher quality with drastically shortened welding times and greatly reduced waste

Orbital weld heads from Orbitalum for thin stainless-steel pipes


SINGEN, GERMANY – Using HX-series orbital weld heads from Orbitalum, you can join pipe elbows to small stainless-steel pipes (for example in heat exchanger construction) with a high level of efficiency and reliability. Orbitalum is now expanding this series to include the HX 12P, which is specially designed for very compact fin heat exchangers using pipe diameters from 9.5 to 13.3 mm.

When done by hand, the welding of pipe elbows for heat exchanger construction is an exhausting task. In addition, consistently high quality (and thus the proper sealing of all pipe elbows) on a continual basis by the welder can’t be guaranteed. This results in expensive correction work and lots of waste.

Welding times of under 30 seconds per pipe
Unique in the entire world, HX orbital weld heads from Orbitalum are the best solution for efficient, high-quality production thanks to their automated welding technology. Pre-mounted pipe elbows, even those in tight pipe bundles, can be welded reliably and quickly with this technology. Thin-walled stainless-steel pipes with wall thicknesses of 0.5 to 0.8 mm can be processed. Compared to manual work, the preparation time is reduced by around 50%. The welding time is only around 30 seconds per pipe, and up to 250 welds per head and layer can be made in this way.

Heat exchangers with pipe spacing’s under 40 mm
With the HX 12P, stainless-steel pipes can be welded economically and with high quality using the TIG welding procedure. While conventional heads and tongs require lots of space between the pipes for positioning, slim HX heads make it possible to build very compact heat exchangers with a high pipe density and thus a high degree of efficiency. Pipe spacing’s of less than 40 mm are possible.
Handling is easy, too. HX heads are opened up, placed around a pipe and clamp themselves pneumatically at the push of a button. A stop with coarse and fine adjustment aids secure positioning on the pipe. Following the startup procedure, the water-cooled head floods with argon gas and welding is carried out automatically with consistently high quality. The Orbitalum system ensures clean weld penetration with no recesses, gaps or burrs in the pipe whatsoever. Clamping and starting are activated by pressing buttons on the weld head.

Top-quality welding results, even with semiskilled personnel
Orbitalum welding power supplies automatically detect the connected HX head and its specified parameters in such a way that the operator need only call up the corresponding welding procedure and initiate the process prior to the start of welding. Working with the Orbitalum system is so easy and reliable that even semi-skilled operators can achieve optimum welding results.
Practice has shown that waste can be reduced from 4% to under 0.7% with the Orbitalum system. Another advantage of the system is that an operator can work with multiple weld heads at the same time, which increases production efficiency considerably. The closed welding chamber and consistent process also prevent annealing coloration from occurring, so expensive reworking such as pickling and passivation can usually be dispensed with.

Compact design makes handling easy
In contrast to open welding tongs, all connections for power, gas and cooling water are integrated into the HX head. To facilitate handling, Orbitalum heads are connected to the welding power source with a flexible 7.5 m hose. The HX 12P also scores with its straight design, which enables easy turning of the head at the heat exchanger. The entire unit can be suspended from a balancer to take the strain off the operator.
In addition to the new HX 12P, this Orbitalum series also includes the HX 16P for pipe diameters from 15.0 to 16.8 mm and the HX 22P for 18.0 to 22.0 mm.

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