HX 22P: Welding stainless-steel pipe elbows at the push of a button

Pneumatic clamping – patent for 6-fold higher productivity

Enormous savings, high sustainability


Even with the very first generation of the orbital weld head
HX 16, Orbitalum Tools GmbH from Singen in Germany revolutionized the welding of pipe elbows in fin heat exchangers: "HX" stands for heat exchanger. Now the company has perfected its worldwide unique weld head even further and has extended it into a series: At the push of a button the HX 16P and HX 22P clamp themselves on the pipe by means of a patented pneumatic clamping mechanism.

Through this innovation both handling and comfort have been improved markedly and furthermore the efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality of the weld result have been increased notably. Orbitalum thus makes it possible for the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) industry to change over more easily from traditional heat exchangers made of copper to stainless steel. Stainless steel fulfills the regulations (to F-gases directive) up to climate-friendly refrigerants.
Stainless steel can only be joined particularly economically, reliably and with high quality using tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding in conjunction with mechanized orbital welding. All closed orbital weld heads or open weld tongs commonly available on the market are not suitable, as their construction makes placement between the individual pipes impossible. Thanks to its outer diameter of only 60 millimeters, a pipe spacing of only
30 millimeters is sufficient for the HX 16 from Orbitalum for positioning and clamping at the push of a button.

New users speak of an increase in productivity of six-fold. This makes it possible to accelerate the procedure of aligning the weld head and clamping the head by 10 to 15 seconds per welding cycle. About 1.5 minutes pass per working cycle at a pipe with 16 millimeter outer dimension and 0.5 millimeter wall thickness: Clamping, establishment of the inert gas atmosphere, welding, cooling down in the argon atmosphere, which prevents annealing colouring of the weld seam. In the past the operator has to support/hold the weld head by hand during the welding process. Thanks to the pneumatic clamping the head holds its position at the pipe elbow by itself. This makes it possible for a less experienced operator to produce welds with up to three weld heads (systems) at the same time per cycle.

A further plus for the HX 16P orbital weld head (pipe outer diameters 15 to 16.8 millimeters) and for its big brother HX 22P (pipe outer diameters 19 to 22 millimeters) is the closed welding chamber which means that almost no annealing colours can form in the heat-affected zone of the weld seam. This means that the user achieves an enormous saving and simultaneously inestimably high sustainability: No annealing colour means no pickling and no passivating. Companies that do not carry out pickling themselves save comparatively high costs for the transport to and from the heat exchanger.

The current model HX 16P has already convinced users in Germany, Italy, Spain, China, India, Korea, Brazil and Mexico – after all higher degrees of automation also means high productivity.

This design-based advantage also makes the Orbitalum system the ideal tool for cost-effective repairs of heat exchangers.
Thanks to their low weight and the well-established Orbitalum hose package with all the connections for electricity, gas and cooling liquid, the HX 16P and HX 22P heads are extremely useful.
All welding power sources from Orbitalum automatically recognize these heads and their properties so that the operator only has to call up their specified welding program and start the process before beginning to weld.

In 2017 the HX product family will be supplemented by a further model: The HX 12P welds pipes from 9.52 to 12.7 millimeters diameter and thus completes the portfolio of Orbitalum Tools GmbH.



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