Squaring on pipes and fittings: RPG XS – a pocket-sized flyweight

RPG 4.5 S with universal vice-clamping system: an economical alternative to a clamping collar

Handy, powerful and precise: squaring is a breeze with the RPG XS Cordless. One charge suffices for approximately 50 seam preparations. Image: Orbitalum Tools GmbH
Its size and weight can hardly be surpassed. The RPG XS Cordless – for pipes with outer dimensions between 3 and 19.05 millimeters (0.12 – 0.75"). The optional angled feed makes working easier when the pipe ends are difficult to access. Image: Orbitalum Tools GmbH
From 0.5 to 4.5 inches: Universal vice-clamping system of the pipe squaring machine RPG 4.5 S – the economical alternative to conventional dimension-specific clamping collars. Image: Orbitalum Tools GmbH

Orbitalum Tools GmbH, in Singen, is a global leader of machines, installations and systems for the field of pipe cutting, beveling and squaring, as well as orbital welding. Two new pipe squaring devices – RPG XS Cordless and RPG 4.5 S – complete the range of the RPG series. They represent ease of use and particularly economical clamping.

The capabilities of the RPG XS Cordless include squaring (I-seam) thin-walled stainless steel pipes and micro-fittings, as well as unalloyed and low-alloyed steels, aluminum and titanium. This can be used to process pipes with outer diameters of 3 to 19.05 millimeters (0.12 – 0.75") and maximum wall thicknesses up to
2 millimeters. The device with lithium ion battery fits excellently in the hand, as its size and weight (1.3 kg) can hardly be surpassed. Users can select the appropriate clamping collars from the range of accessories for each diameter.

Pipe and installation manufacturers from the high-purity gas, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, beverages, solar and chemical industries benefit from the mobile, high-quality and burr-free processing of pipe ends. One battery charge of the powerful machine is capable of performing approximately 50 seam preparations at up to 350 rotations per minute and 6.5 millimeter overall feed.
The optional angled feed version makes working easier when the pipe ends are difficult to access. The machine, accessories, and removable battery are supplied in a handy aluminum case, with a 230 V charger for the European market or a 120 V charger for the American market.

The pipe squaring machine RPG 4.5 S is characterized by its universal vice-clamping system. With this particularly economical alternative to other conventional dimension-specific clamping collars, pipes from 12.7 to 114.3 millimeters (0.5 – 4.5") diameter and maximum wall thicknesses of 3 millimeters (0.12") can be centered, clamped and processed in the easiest way possible.
A high-quality, powerful drive which is available in either 230 or 120 V is the heart of the RPG 4.5 S.


Orbitalum Tools GmbH is a world leader in the provision of complete solutions for orbital metal pipe cutting, beveling and welding technology.

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